What method are used in Tellington TTouch?

Tellington TTouch® can deepen the bond between you and your companion animal. It offers a positive approach to training, which emphasises cooperation and partnership. Learn how you can apply TTouch to eliminate inappropriate behaviors, assist with recovery from injury and illness, or just enhance the quality of your animal’s life.

TTouch influences the nervous system in a passive yet highly potent way. It improves focus, lowers stress levels and promotes a sense of calm and well being.

TTouch recognises a connection between posture and behaviour. It uses:

Observations: Behaviour, responses, posture, tension patterns, respiration, sighing, temperature changes, ticklish

TTouches: Circles, Slides and Lifts
Non Habitual Movements: Leg Circles, Tail Work, Belly Lifts, Rib Releases

Groundwork: Leading Exercises, Handler Posture, Labyrinth, Different Surfaces, Teeter Totter and Raised Boards, Pole Work

Equipment used: Balance Leash, Double Ended Lead, Harness, Flat Collar, Head Collar, Ropes, Calming Bands, Wands, Assess-a-Hands, Paint Brushes, Sheepskin Mitts etc

Body Wraps (Shown in picture on left)
The body wrap gives animals a sense of connection and gives the animal feedback about tension and space. These simple wraps, that are basically bandages help many dogs with shyness, reactivity, fear of thunder / fireworks, strangers, car sickness, arthritis, stress. They help balance the body, build confidence, main focus and bring awareness to the dogs body. They are also helpful when preparing to introduce a body harness.

Thundershirt (Shown in picture on left)
They are very effective for thunder storms and noise sensitivity; and help to reduce anxiety and improve confidence. Because Thundershirts look like a coat many people feel better about taking their dogs out in public. Some dogs who have trouble accepting a wrap have been very accepting of the Thundershirt.

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Melody Todd APDT Member 01172 Tellington TTouch Practitioner in Training P1 email: info@springerloaded.co.uk mobile: 07800 826339

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