Dog Training - The Modern Way

What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

It is a scientific and powerful way to train your dog. An easy, effective way of creating the behaviour that you do want (i.e. sitting when told) and stopping the ones you don’t (i.e. jumping up). It’s very rewarding to make learning fun for both of you, breaking down communications between the human and dog. It’s amazing how quickly dogs learn a behaviour if their owners put a little time and effort into teaching it. You aren’t dominating your dog, you are simply guiding them, to ensure a great bond between you and a calm, well balanced dog.

A lot of owners don’t know that your dog is actually telling you every day what they are feeling, whether they are scared, anxious, excited or bored. It’s our job, as the owner who protects and guides them to understand their body language, to respond to it and protect them from harm.

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